Sonoran Hills Miniature American Shepherds
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of Missouri
Sonoran Hills Miniature American Shepherd puppies, Mini Aussies 
are lovingly bred and raised in the spirit of their true Western American Heritage.
Purchase Agreements:
     Pet/Companion puppy is sold with required Neuter / Spay Contract (No Exceptions).  Puppies are     priced after official Litter evaluation has been completed.      
   Show/Breed puppy  sold only with special treaty to "qualified" amenable buyer/owner(s).  For more
    information please call or email Breeder.  
    Puppies are priced after  official litter evaluation has been completed.  
Puppy Application Form: 
    This easy form to complete and submit to the Breeder will provide valuable information regarding the type or     particular puppy you are interested in acquiring.  This information may help the Breeder assist you in your     selection process as to the right temperament, gender, and activity level you may be seeking in a puppy.  Also,     help match the best puppy fit for you, your family and lifestyle.  This form is strictly "CONFIDENTIAL".   All     information on this form may ONLY  be released with  written permission submitted to the Breeder by the     original assignee whom submitted form;  no exceptions!

    The "Puppy Application Form"  is required be completed with any puppy purchase and must accompany any   
    puppy deposit.  The information you provide on this form will be used to complete your New Puppy     Paperwork, Registration Application, and delivery needs if applicable.  Therefore, please give care to complete     this form as accurately as possible.     
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Microchip registry information!
- Dam and Sire have Hips and Elbows examined and certified by OFA: "Orthopedic Foundation for Animals"  
- MDRA-1 Drug Sensitivity and prcd-PRA screen
- Heredity Cataract genetic screen
- Eyes Examined and Certified by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist for inheritable eye disease
- Core Vaccinations and De-worming are given timely according to the American Animal Hospital 
   Association (AAHA) 2011
Microchip Insertion: 
    Is done on ALL puppies with a ISO 134.2 kHz Microchip     and registered into a national Data Bank.  Breeder     is CERTIFIED by AAHA to Microchip Dogs and Puppies.  
 SKH Guarantees Genetic Health
Well Puppy Physical  
    Exam is performed by our Veterinarian and results documented to assure a healthy puppy.
    $250 reserves a puppy for you and his or her forever home.  
SONORAN HILLS MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES are bred for love of the breed, strong commitment for quality not quantity, and primarily for pure enjoyment.  I focus on breeding puppies to meet the highest breed standards and health. Close attention monitored for size, head, neck and body proportion, as well  as coat, color, temperament, solid structure, with high intelligence, enthusiasm, and resilience. Their best qualities are to enjoy outdoor activities, playful with children, strong athletic contenders for both agility and herding with high intellect making them excellent therapy dogs.  With their human family they are protective, good nature, devoted and loyal.  Most importantly, I seek careful placement of my puppies where they will be a cherished and valued member of the family.